Why the GitLab integration suddenly stopped working and why you need CI

This weekend, 45 minutes before I was going out for tapas with old friends in Spain, I got an email that GitLab had stopped working with WP Pusher. I quickly tested on one of my test sites and sure enough nothing worked. Ouch.


If you are using GitLab with WP Pusher, please make sure you have upgraded all your sites to v2.4.7. If you are still having issues after upgrading, please report them to hi@wppusher.com.

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Continuous Integration With WordPress And CircleCi

This is the story about how I wasted 3 days, but also, which is more important, how I set up continuous integration for WP Pusher with CircleCi. With a continuous integration service, you can have your tests run on every commit and ensure that nothing is broken. That is, if you have some tests to run of course.

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