Pull Requests 101

Pull requests are an essential part of code collaboration. In this blog post, I will show you why and how I use pull requests as a core part of my workflow.


WP Pusher 2.1.0 Has Landed

I’m super excited about this release of WP Pusher. It comes bundled with a much tighter integration with GitHub and Bitbucket. Check out the screencast.


An Awesome Workflow for WordPress Site Developers

In this short screencast, I will show you how you can use WP Migrate DB Pro together with WP Pusher to improve your workflow.


Action Required: Please Read This

TL;DR WP Updates have abandoned ship and you need to manually update WP Pusher in order to get future updates :sad_panda:


Say Hi To WP Pusher 2.0.0

Version 2.0.0 of WP Pusher is out with a shiny new version of the Push-to-Deploy feature and many other improvements.


Win A WP Pusher License #WCEU

In the occasion of WordCamp Europe this week, you have a chance of winning a WP Pusher Agency License, with 20 site installs included. Read along to see how.


A Warning About Using Composer With WordPress

Composer has truly revolutionised the PHP world and made it a better place. For WordPress developers, Composer is tempting, but doesn’t change the fact that WordPress doesn’t have a proper way to manage 3rd party dependencies.


Want A Free License?

If you work for a WordPress agency and want to try out WP Pusher, here’s how to get a free 1-year personal license.


All WordPress Developers Need To Know About .gitattributes

When you use Git in your WordPress deployment flow, there is a special configuration file you should be aware of. .gitattributes can drastically clean up your plugins and themes for end users. Follow along and I will show you how simple it is to use.


Demystifying Git For WordPress Developers

The WordPress world, once dominated by Subversion, mainly due to the infrastructure of WordPress.org, is slowly moving towards using Git. This is great news, but for many developers Git can seem strange or even intimidating. In this post I will do my best to demystify Git for WordPress developers.