The Ultimate WordPress Development Environment

2 months ago, I travelled to Vienna, Austria, to attend WordCamp Europe – my favourite conference in the world! It’s such a huge event and a great opportunity to catch up with old friends as well as making new ones. At WordCamp Europe, Matt Geri did a talk on “The Ultimate WordPress Development Environment”, including using WP Pusher for deployment.

In his talk, Matt gives a lot of great advice while he walks through 5 different areas of the ultimate development environment:

  1. Local server
  2. IDE / Text Editor
  3. Code Checking
  4. Debugging
  5. Deployment

I’m obviously very proud to have WP Pusher included in Matt’s version of the ultimate development environment.

Here is Matt’s talk: (He talks about deployment at around 15:00)


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Peter Suhm

Peter is a web developer from the Land of the Danes. He is the creator of WP Pusher and a huge travel addict.


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