WP Pusher Now Offers Monthly Billing Plans

TLDR; You can now purchase a WP Pusher license with a monthly subscription, instead of paying for a full year up front. Plans are ranging from $4 to $20 per month and come with our usual 30 day money back guarantee.

WP Pusher monthly plans

In the WordPress plugin space, it is very common to charge customers for 1 year up front. That’s a shame for someone who wants to get started with WP Pusher as a core part of their workflow, but aren’t quite ready to put down a payment for a whole year. That’s changed now, as you can now choose a monthly billing plan for your WP Pusher license. Monthly billing plans are not very common in the WordPress world, but neither was recurring subscriptions when we started out. That’s now starting to become the norm, and many customers prefer to know that their license is always valid for something as mission critical as WP Pusher, without them having to remember to renew it.

Our yearly plans are still available, and if you choose one of those you get roughly 2 months for free every year, compared to a monthly plan.

Check out the new pricing here.

I’m excited about these changes to our pricing and hope that they will make WP Pusher available to even more WordPress developers. Please let me know what you think, either in the comments or by email.


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