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Is your WordPress team actually working together?

If each of your developers work on their own client projects that no one else dares to touch, it is time to look into Git and version control. Git enable your developers to collaborate and actually work as a team. Using Git will also take you one step closer to automatic deployments. Copying and pasting files over FTP is still the default in WordPress land, but it is error prone and a great waste of time. Chances are your team is already using Git, but just not to its full advantage.

WP Pusher facilitates the use of Git and removes the need for manually copying and pasting files every time a developer changes a line of code. If your team is using Git, WP Pusher will keep everything up-to-date and automatically make sure that all changes are deployed to your clients websites.

Everybody knows that version control has become an important part of the web design process. Though the traditional version control methodology didn't quite work with the Wordpress ecosystem. So when I came across WP Pusher, I knew I had found the answer. WP Pusher is now a vital part of our toolkit and allows us to work seamlessly with Wordpress Plugins, Themes and Git.

Ashley Hart
Digital consultant & Web Developer, Green Chilli Design

Why Git?

Git is a version control system for code. If you have ever found yourself frantically hitting ‘undo’ and ‘redo’ to get a document back to a certain state, imagine doing that to a whole code base! Git allows you to record all changes ever made to your code base so you can always refer back to them.

Adopting continuous delivery practices, such as version control and automatic deployments, has major benefits. In 2012, HP published a book outlining how adopting these practices lowered development costs with ~40%, because teams spent less time on non-value add activities such as manual deployments.

Here are some great reasons to use Git:

Deployment (no more FTP)

When your code is under version control with Git, deployment basically means pulling down the last code changes from your Git repository. This is a lot simpler than manually syncing files over an FTP connection. This process can be automated with WP Pusher if your Git repositories are hosted on GitHub, Bitbucket or GitLab. WP Pusher can automatically deploy your code every time a change is recorded in Git.


Without Git your team is missing the most basics of collaboration tools. If copying files over FTP is the only option, chances are your team is not really working as a team. Changes are each of them work on their own client projects that no one else dares to touch. Git makes code collaboration possible by letting developers merge their code changes in an easy way.


If you are using Git and host your Git repositories on GitHub or Bitbucket, you always have a backup of your code. In fact, you have a backup of every change ever made and you can roll your code base back to any given time in history.

WP Pusher

WP Pusher is a deployment solution for the custom WordPress themes and plugins you develop for your clients. It completely eliminates the need to manually keep track of changes and upload code over FTP.


WP Pusher is priced based on the number of client sites you manage. We have two plans tailored for agencies: A 20 site license at $199 a year and a 100 site license at $499 a year.

Contact us

If you have any questions about WP Pusher or Git in general, please reach out at hi@wppusher.com. If you would like us to schedule a call, please include your phone number or Skype username.

Level up with WP Pusher

Take the pain out of WordPress development. Push your code to GitHub where it belongs and never again deploy files over FTP on cheap shared hosting.

WP Pusher is one of the plugins we rely on the most. I love it!

Teun Elfring - Bitbucket user, runs his WordPress dev shop with WP Pusher

WP Pusher makes deploying changes to our websites quick and easy. We could not manage without it.

Simon Appleby, Bookswarm
Bitbucket user, manages 100+ WordPress sites with WP Pusher