Why the GitLab integration suddenly stopped working and why you need CI

This weekend, 45 minutes before I was going out for tapas with old friends in Spain, I got an email that GitLab had stopped working with WP Pusher. I quickly tested on one of my test sites and sure enough nothing worked. Ouch.


If you are using GitLab with WP Pusher, please make sure you have upgraded all your sites to v2.4.7. If you are still having issues after upgrading, please report them to hi@wppusher.com.

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Everyone Is Using Version Control

Have you ever done this?

Most of us have.

Do you know what the technical term for that strategy is? Version control. Everyone use some sort of version control. This is one of my main points in a recent blog post I wrote on the WP Tavern. You can read it here.



Git Rebase – All WordPress Developers Need to Know

If you have ever worked together with someone on a project using Git, you know this problem: You have been working on a feature for a while and, since you branched out, your branch has fallen behind master. The issue is how to get your branch up to date, before you fall too much out of sync. Rebasing to the rescue!

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The easiest way to use Docker for WordPress Development

Note: I recently wrote a guest post on the WP Tavern about using Docker for WordPress development. In the post I talk about what Docker and Docker Compose is and how you can use them to create your WordPress development environment. The article on the Tavern is a more in-depth introduction to using Docker. Here, I just wanted to quickly share and walk you through the Docker Compose file I use for my setup while working on WP Pusher (Git for WordPress development).

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The New WP Pusher Dashboard

Over the last few months, I have slowly rolled out the new WP Pusher dashboard. First for new-coming customers and recently existing customers were migrated too. It’s been a gradual process moving away from the old systems powering WP Pusher and it has been going smooth so far.

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Run WordPress in the Cloud With Laravel Forge

The other day I wrote a guest post over on the WP Tavern about using Laravel Forge to run WordPress in the cloud.

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The Ultimate WordPress Development Environment

2 months ago, I travelled to Vienna, Austria, to attend WordCamp Europe – my favourite conference in the world! It’s such a huge event and a great opportunity to catch up with old friends as well as making new ones. At WordCamp Europe, Matt Geri did a talk on “The Ultimate WordPress Development Environment”, including using WP Pusher for deployment.

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A Primer on Source Control

Source code control is nothing new to software development. It’s been around for decades. But for those of us who work in the open source community, specifically those who are working with WordPress, we may not have the experience that some of our peers have.

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The Big GitHub Desktop and SourceTree Throwdown!

Git and the command line can be a daunting prospect, luckily there are multiple Git GUIs, which work across a variety of platforms such as, OSX, Windows, and Linux.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the two most important ones. GitHub Desktop and SourceTree by Atlassian, the company behind Bitbucket.

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A Minimalist Development Environment for WordPress with Laravel Valet

Yesterday, Taylor Otwell released Laravel Valeta development environment for Mac minimalists. It didn’t take long before Taylor also released a driver for WordPress, which is why I thought I’d do a write-up here on the blog.

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