From Bitbucket
to WordPress

Install and update plugins and themes directly from a Bitbucket repository and never again copy files over FTP.

Install plugins and themes from Bitbucket

WP Pusher will install and update your WordPress plugins and themes directly from Bitbucket

Enable automatic updates and your customers' websites will be up-to-date on every push to your Bitbucket repositories

Never again copy files over FTP

Automatic updates on every push

With WP Pusher installed on your customers' websites, updating the source code can be completely automated. When Push-to-Deploy is enabled, WP Pusher will update your plugins and themes every time you push new code to Bitbucket. This is using Bitbucket's webhook features, but you don't even need to know what that means, because it's all automated by WP Pusher. Gone are the days of your FTP client!

WP Pusher makes deploying changes to our websites quick and easy. We could not manage without it.

Simon Appleby, Bookswarm
Bitbucket user, manages 100+ WordPress sites with WP Pusher

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Take the pain out of WordPress development. Push your code to Bitbucket where it belongs and never again deploy files over FTP on cheap shared hosting.