Who's Behind WP Pusher

Hi, I'm Peter! And I'm the developer behind WP Pusher. I love PHP and I love WordPress. I have been making stuff with WordPress since 2007, even though I have been "around the block" in the PHP world. I'm an active member of the Laravel community and I enjoy writing about PHP on blogs you might know (such as Tuts+ or WP Tavern).

Entering WP Pusher

I love to travel. I'm Danish (vikings, yay!), but in the last few years I've been more outside of Denmark than inside it. I travel slow and have spent months in countries such as Morocco and Thailand. I have also explored more off-the-beaten-track destinations such as Sri Lanka and Western Sahara.

Managing clients' WordPress projects from the road has forced me to develop a streamlined development setup. My personal workflow involves a lot of Git. That's why I built WP Pusher! WP Pusher works everywhere - even on the road!


Level up with WP Pusher

Take my word for it and try out WP Pusher. Deploy directly from GitHub or Bitbucket and never again copy files over FTP. It works everywhere - even on cheap shared hosting!