WP Pusher Privacy Policy

The short version of the WP Pusher privacy policy is that we aim to store as little personal information as possible. We store your name and email in order to process your orders and send you an invoice. If you use the free version of WP Pusher we do not collect any personal information about you.

What information is being collected

We store the following information when you purchase a WP Pusher license:

We do NOT store your credit card information, which is send directly to our payments provider. Please see the section on which vendors we use.

We collect the following information when you download WP Pusher:

We collect the following information when you use WP Pusher:

Our vendors

We may share parts of your data with the following 3rd party vendors that we require to make WP Pusher work:

None of these services receive data about you when using the WP Pusher plugin. Data is only shared when you are logging in to the WP Pusher dashboard on our servers.

Your data

If you wish to access, modify or delete your data please send and email to hi@wppusher.com with your request and we will make sure to process it as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us using the same email address.