From GitHub
to WordPress

Install and update plugins and themes directly from a GitHub repository and never again copy files over FTP.

Install plugins and themes from GitHub

When your WordPress themes and plugins are hosted on GitHub, the WP Pusher plugin makes it super simple to deploy them to your customers' websites

With automatic updates enabled your code will be automagically updated on every push to GitHub

Say goodbye to manually copying files over FTP

Automatic updates on every push

One of the flagship features of WP Pusher is the "Push-to-Deploy" feature. When enabled, WP Pusher will listen for any pushes to GitHub and make sure your WordPress plugins and themes are always up-to-date on your clients' websites. Behind the scenes, this uses GitHub's webhook features, but you don't even need to worry about that because WP Pusher will set everything up for you.

When I came across WP Pusher, I knew I had found the answer and it's now a vital part of our workflow!

Ashley Hart, Green Chilli
GitHub user, runs his local WordPress agency with WP Pusher

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